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Unfit to lead?

Is there anyone qualified to actually lead on a big, huge, outsized level?

Reading and listening to a handful of Atheist and critics of God, and what is sticking out is a focus on the actions of individuals & organizations as a yardstick of what and who God is.  Beyond that is either a lack of exposure to a true Christian or a willful disregard of those they have.

First to those of you that are setting yourselves up as leaders.  Yes I’m sure you want to believe that God is calling you to be his servant.  But if you cannot keep your hands off of a little boy’s butt,  or a big girls boobs.  If you can’t allow God to have all the praise and the money.  Then trust me it’s not God “calling” you to be a leader.  Maybe he’s telling you he wants’ to use you for good, but first you need to be good.  If you aren’t doing what’s right, quit trying to lead when you are going the wrong way.

Now while you egotistical knuckleheads are stewing over that, the rest of us are going to point to Jesus as an example of what God is like.  If we do not keep pointing at Jesus, the cross, and the empty tomb as what God is about and what people should be really looking at.  Then we will not only have to answer to God for screwing up people’s lives, but also for trying to take his place.

Now some of you are all bent out of shape saying “Who are you to judge” or “Judge not that you be not judged” And I could get all snotty saying who am I not to.  But instead let’s keep this civil, at least for the moment.  Jesus, Paul & others made it clear that there would be false prophets, bad leaders, and plenty of “Wolfs in sheep’s clothing” Also stated multiple times is the concept of holding leaders to account, and finally that people will be known by their actions.  Add in that only God is good.

If anyone is out there saying –look at me, look at me, look at me I would suggest, that is enough on its own to make them unfit to lead.  The truth is you want to know what God is like look at Jesus, that’s where the answer is.  If you must have a human representative, though not a guarantee, start with one who will say “Look at him, Look at him, Look at him


Well at least it shouldn’t be.  Faith is about taking what is known or makes sense and applying it to that which can not be proved.

Are you supposed to leave your mind at the sanctuary door? Why does it seem so many people think that either believing in God requires turning off your brain, or if you’re not turning off your mind well then at least faith has no place in the outside world.  Religion is all well and good but there are far too many holes and too many leaps of faith to make it really of any value besides making you “feel” good.

Well that’s a bunch of baloney, a load of bull.  Stop and actually look at the current trends in scientific study such as cosmology, biology, and history and look at all of the leaps of faith being touted as fact and ask yourself, does this make sense? 

I still remember sitting in a third grade classroom in Lancaster and having a teacher tell us that the earth was heading into the next ice age.  Thirty years later, my own kids are being told that the planet is warming.  High school, the planets millions of years old, today its billions, and too bad those extra zeros couldn’t have found their way to my bank account instead.  Science would like for us to “Believe” it has all the answers, but it doesn’t.  Two of my brothers are men of science, one a doctor the other computers, and don’t get me wrong I want science to take us to the moon and beyond, thankful for its cure of polio, and hope for further amazement.  Hey I’m still waiting for the flying car and the transporter.  But what I really want is to hear science say “Well if this then that, but the truth is we really don’t know.  What we are telling you is what we think happened, but to truly believe it we have to take this amazing leap of faith that things played out in the past exactly how we think they did with absolutely no variance to the equation. 

So which is more an act of blind faith?  Believing in the latest idea about how the world began, no it’s NOT a theory go plug “scientific theory” into Wikipedia yourself, then ask does evolution meet that criteria? Or is a belief system that’s been around for 2,000 years seem more stable more permanent and less a blind leap than the latest trend?