Is there any other type?

I keep hearing time and again the term “Born Again” being used to describe Christians, and I have to wonder about it.  Often it’s used to describe those that attend one of the newer denomination church’s such as evangelical, four-square, Pentecostals etc, and usually not when talking about a Methodist, Lutheran or, Catholic.
And yet I wonder is there really any other type of Christian?  John 3:3 states” except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of Heaven”.
Now this did not start with someone outside the church as best as I can tell.  Instead it seems that this started to be used by some followers of Christ as some sort of way to differentiate themselves from other followers.  That’s all well and good but, really what is the difference?
Now comes outsiders using this same term as if there is some sort of difference.  But the truth is there is not.
And we need to stop trying to set ourselves apart from each other.  Are we called to be seperate from non-believers?  Of course,  not from each other.  Would we say “I’m an ear Christian, or a hand Christian?”. That would seem pretty silly.  But isn’t that what we are saying when we use this born-again Christian thing.  Born again? Yes.  Christian? Yes. But born-again Christian, kind of like saying I’m a Christian/Christian.  You are either a Christian or your not. And if you are then you’re born again.
Haven’t we had enough of giving outsiders one more thing that does not reflect well on God, and adds to the confusion about what Christianity is.
Let’s stop with all the devisifness and celebrate and embrace our alikeness and while using our differences as a way to learn from each other and grow.
What are your thoughts?  Are we making too many distinctions in an attempt to separate ourselves only to be causing division?  What would you think if you weren’t a Christian?