Who is this God that cares for the weak, the rejects of society? What kind of God? A humble God who cares about the smallest, poorest, weakest. He loves those who can not even care for themselves let alone do something for him. You see he doesn’t need anything from you or I, God wants a relationship with us, but needs nothing.

God wants, but doesn’t need you help.

But don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean and I would never imply that God does not want us to do what we can and make an effort. Look at William Wilberforce who fought slavery for the majority of his adult life, 26 years to get England to outlaw the slave trade and 46 years to bring about the abolishment of slavery. Did God need William to end slavery? Of course not, but he used him.

Easier said then done

Would I risk myself to care for the weak, the powerless, those that can not help themselves. To my shame probably not. At least not on my own. Don’t get me wrong I care about people, but without the realization of what Christ did for me when I could nothing for him, I doubt very seriously that I would be inclined to do for others. Since I know what Jesus did for me, then doing for others is not just easier but required, even necessary. Not just because of what it does for someone else, but for what it does for me.
Has God asked you to do something for someone who can’t return the favor? Did you follow thru, what did it do for you?