Lately I’ve been contemplating what is the price that I would be willing to pay to show someone Christ.  Now I know you or I can’t really save anyone else, only Jesus can do that.  What I’m talking about is making the effort, putting in the energy to show another person who God is.

What does it really take?

What price in blood, sweat, or tears in order to help see one person find God?  I know that the first response is to say whatever it takes, but I don’t think I could say that with all honesty.  In fact I’m not sure what I would do?  What length or what effort would/should I would put in?  Would I give up my job, my money, my home?  What about just a couple of hours, a week, what if it took a year?
I don’t know maybe you don’t struggle with the question.  But I keep getting hit with it.  Have you ever stopped to consider what Hell will be like?  Have you looked at your friend, neighbor, maybe even relative who you know if they died tonight would be going there, and asked what price would I pay to see them saved?  Have you ever thought through that process?

What price would you be willing to pay to save a friend from Hell?

What if it was only a chance, no guarantee, just say a 50/50 chance?  What would you risk?  Would you risk your car, your home, your career?  What about their friendship?  I have to be bluntly honest.  There have been times when I haven’t even been willing to pay the price of losing an hour, or risking my pride.  Afraid of being ridiculed I have kept my mouth shut on more than one occasion.  Yet I claim to love and believe in a God that took on human form, and not only risked ridicule but payed the ultimate price.  Not just loss of a job, but real pain, suffering, a beating that would have killed most men.  Finally death.
Pretty wimpy of me to be afraid of MAYBE a little ridicule.
What about you what are you willing to do to see another soul saved?