And yet we do it all the time.  Ok not we, I, I do it all the time and then I try and justify it.  After all didn’t Jesus say “You brood of vipers” or “..beware the leaven of the Pharisees”. To judge is to determine right from wrong, good from bad, holy from evil.  God knows this because it is the separation of what is his nature from what is not.  If it runs counter to the essence of God then it is evil, wrong, destructive.  So what if those statements by Christ were not a judgement but rather a simple statement of fact?

Discern or judge?

Basic Christian ethics tell us to discern, to rightly divide right from wrong, but I don’t think that’s judging, but more like being on a jury.  The only judge for us as Christians is God, for he is the only one with the authority to do so.
Now I am as guilty as anyone.  I look at Christ one minute saying “judge not”, and the next “you brood of vipers” and then I use this to justify my judging others.  And I never stop and remember that Jesus is God.  Maybe I should spend a little more time before making a judgement that when Jesus made a judgement he had the authority to do so because while he was a man, he was/is also fully God, so he gets to judge.
Have you ever fallen into the trap of judging someone else?  What about those times when you have found out later that you made your rush to judgement with less then all the facts?  Did it change your mind?  Yea me too.  I don’t have it right yet but maybe next time I will actually pause, even if its just for a minute before I go exalting myself to the position of judge.  Living a Christian life isn’t easy, none the less that is what you and I are called to do.