So I was thinking about Christianity, and how so many people think its all about the love, then how do you explain Christ’s statements about this ( Matthew 10:34-36 ) I came not to bring peace but a sword, to set brother against brother mother against daughter.  Is this a conflict?  It would seem on the surface that this runs in direct opposition to the direction to love our neighbors, bless those that curse you.

Maybe the first is simply a statement about what is happening in general, after all Christ did bring about a lot of division, and in fact his teachings are still causing quit an uproar.  I’m trying to make sense of these two opposing and yet related ideas.

Love your enemies

The idea of loving my enemy speaks to the Christian ethic, but do we ignore a key part of this teaching of Jesus?  Christ says “love your enemies, bless those that curse you”, but he doesn’t say make everyone your friend, or ally.  Are we doing the wrong thing trying to turn our enemies into our allies?  Now I’m no expert on the Bible, but I don’t recall a single instance of Jesus trying to woo his enemies.  Instead he called his enemies a brood of vipers, and a lot worse.  Did some of the religious elite become followers, even disciples of Christ?  A few but it doesn’t seem to be because Jesus went to them, but rather they searched him out.
Should we as disciples of Christ accept we are going to have enemies?  Should we stop trying to find an accommodation with everyone?  What would happen if we, you and I, stopped searching for common ground with others & just showed Jesus.
Don’t get me wrong I am not saying we should look to be confrontational for the sake of making a point.  We are told to be gentle, 2 Timothy 3:24, but gentle does not mean weak.
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