I am a Realtor by trade and over the past several years I have made a decent living by serving my clients. Meeting their needs, helping them get what they want has been my goal.  My big goal has been to take care of enough clients, well enough, that I will be well compensated and I can then have all I want.

But what if that is all wrong?  What if instead I turn it all around?  Make showing the glory of God the Big goal.  Attempt to bring glory to God thru my work the priority.  To be so good at my job that clients want to know the how and the why.
What if I take exceptional care of everyone that comes in to my circle, my sphere of influence?  If I serve them so well that they see God working thru me.  Or maybe if they don’t recognize the why, they know that something is so different they are compelled to ask.
If I take on, attack my labor with so much love.  Work with an abundance of energy, enthusiasm would it show a difference?  If I really performed as if unto the Lord would it leave any doubt that I am different?
Perhaps I should perform my work as an offering, as a form of worship of God.
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