I was contemplating the story of Christ in the garden when they came to arrest him.  Peter in his usual calm manner, ie: being a hothead, pulls out a sword and cuts off a man’s ear.

 And Jesus knowing these men are going to arrest him and what’s coming next doesn’t say “Good on you Peter”. Instead he stops, heals this guy who is going to help his enemies kill him.
What kind of love is this?  I have a hard time loving some mebers of my family, and I actually like them most of the time.  I can’t imagine loving someone who wants me dead.  Yet isn’t that what the Christian ethic says we are to do, not just when it is easy, or when we feel like it, but all the time.
Next time someone says to me I don’t get this whole God thing, I am going to say “Me to neither.”  I don’t get how God can love me so much that he does what he does in order to have a relationship with me.