English: John the Baptist baptizing Christ

English: John the Baptist baptizing Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“We that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.” Romans 15:1-3


As a Christian what is the ethic?

I have a responsibility to others to live a life that encourages.  Not that risks discouraging a brother in the faith.
Am I free to consume alcohol as I choose, providing I am not drunk?  Yes, I see no teaching or precept in the Bible that requires abstaining.  Nothing that says I can’t enjoy a cigar now and then.
But what about what is does to those around me?  What if someone around me can’t handle seeing me with a bourbon in my hand?  Should I care, or change my lifestyle because of what it might do?  How does this tie into the lifestyle of Jesus?
Jesus was reviled because he associated with publicans and drunks.  On the other hand people also took issue with John the Baptist who led a life of abstinence   So it is obvious that outsiders will find fault no matter what we do.

So what do we do?

The best we can.  If you have an issue with having a glass of wine then don’t.  If on the other hand it doesn’t prick your conscience then don’t worry about it.  Because trust me someone will find fault no matter what you do.  If it is your church leadership, then be willing to be humble and submit to their authority.  But otherwise use your mind, seek great council from the people around you.
And above all pray.
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