R. C. Sproul in “The consequence of ideas” examining the portrayal by Kirkegaard of religious stages states “Obedience is motivated, not by a zeal for conformity to an abstract precept but by a passionate love for the law giver who says “Thou shalt.”

What a wonderful picture, obedience flows out of spontaneous love, not external coercion.

What a great way to express the call of the Christian to love his neighbor. Not because the other person is worthy of love, because maybe they are not.  Perhaps they have wronged you.  Maybe hurt you beyond description.  Or what if like the Samaritan you have never seen them before, and will likely never see them again?  Then what?
Instead to love your neighbor, or your enemy because you love God with a love that overwhelms everything else.  That is real, true love.  Love that loves because it can do no other.
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