Cognitive Faith is written by Russ Pratt.

I am not a preacher, a pastor, or even a theologian. 

I am just a guy looking to better understand and explain my faith in God.  I believe that faith should be thought thru; questioned, and explored, not some blind leap off of a cliff.  These are my thoughts on what Christianity is and what it is not.  I’m here to talk about how and why philosophies such as Atheism, Humanism, and other ism’s miss the mark, don’t make sense or are otherwise wrong.

If you’re a Christian my hope is twofold, one that you learn something to help you explain to others what you believe, and two that when you disagree with me you will push me to either explain better or rethink my position.  If you’re not a Christian I hope you will be open minded and when and where you disagree or think I have it wrong, please comment(keep it clean my kids read this) and help us to understand each other better.



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