On multiple fronts people professing to be Christians are being mocked and belittled.  From the media such as CBS, CNN, the times- NY and LA to blogs, podcasts, radio and more, people who claim a faith in God are being scrutinized, belittledand marginalized.  That it’s happening no one can deny.  The question is should it?

Of course.

 Look all around you.  Pedophile priests, thieving preachers, gambling nuns, the list could go on for page after page.  Yet I see friends getting defensive, blasting back at the critics, and doing everything but what we should.

The next time you see a neighbor stealing the morning paper, or a co-worker who goes to your church cursing up a storm will you say nothing?  Maybe you’ll fudge a few of the numbers on your taxes, just a little.  Or will you step up and say something? 

Until you change, nothing else will.

Until you get out of your “plate” theology you’re going to be mocked, and you will deserve it.  It’s time to start calling things as they are instead of how we wish they were.  Are you going to speak up and say that a pastor having an affair with a member of his church deserves to be thrown out of leadership?  Is that tough? Is it even tough enough?  We’re so worried about offending someone with what we say; maybe it’s time to be willing to offend people by expecting more from them.  But don’t kid yourself you will get push back.

People will yell at you and tell you Christianity is all about the love.  But what’s more loving, to let someone continue eating themselves into obesity followed by diabetes, a stroke and then death, or to say your fat and if you don’t change what you’re doing your going to die way before your time?  Is it more loving to ignore your friend’s binge drinking and driving, or to tell it like it is?  So why are you so afraid to tell someone playing Christian that they are in the wrong, going the wrong way, and about to pay the consequences?

No one is immune.

Now before going and thinking I’m getting all self-righteous.  Let me be clear, I’ve been there done that.  I got so wrapped up in my own wants/desires that I lost the one person that really mattered.  I did not treat her as God wanted me to, and what’s worse how God was telling me to treat her.   What I wouldn’t give to have had someone call me on the carpet for being a selfish SOB.  Maybe I would have snapped out of it and done the right thing, instead I’m without my better half, and the love of my life. 

Enough of the excuses.

Until we live what we say we believe, we’re going to get mocked, ridiculed and despised.  And what’s more, you and I will deserve it.