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Grow or die!

Chaos and decay are the natural state of things.  It is a struggle to improve, it is paddling up-stream.  It’s easy to go with the flow.  An ex-girlfriend of mine used to get so annoyed because I am just not a go with the flow kind of guy.  One year while planning out a vacation to Yosemite and June lake she laughed at the fact that I had planned out most of the times and places to stop and eat.

Actions matter

A friend of mine says it’s because I’m meticulous. That ex would use a less complimentary word.  But here’s the point the planning is fine put the doing is the thing.  Now if I didn’t plan it’s far to easy to let things slide.  Don’t carve out the time and it’s almost a certainty that time reading the Bible, praying, meditating, learning will get pushed to the side.  If you’re a Christian man, a man of God, your told to be a Christian leader.  Do you really think that is going to happen all by itself?

Do nothing and life decays

It’s no different then a muscle or the mind, don’t use it and it atrophied.  So why does the idea of things getting better by themselves permeate society?  This whole notion that nature and society evolve just doesn’t make sense based upon what I see.  I see life deteriorating and society going down the path to the loss of freedom.  Families falling apart, schools getting worse, economies collapsing.  Is this really a sign of growth? Of evolution? If it is I sure don’t see it.  If we really are evolving why in a recent survey do over half of parents think things will be worse for their kids?
Do you see any indication that things get better on their own?  Or does it take planning, and a lot of hard work?

Being Gentle

Gentle is not weak.

Now I’m not talking about that weak, mealy mouthed, “aw shucks” false humility junk.  Even though I have been guilty of falling into that trap more than once.  No I’m speaking about that real true gentleness.  Being gentle from a place of strength and security.  When you and I not just pay lip service to, but really believe that we should not fear men who can only kill the body, but rather fear God who can destroy the soul, then we can act with such strength that we have no need to be hard.

So why should we be gentle?  How about because we are told to.  1 Peter 3:15– “be gentle to all men.”  Even and especially when we disagree.

Gentle men is what God commands.

Christian men should be striving to be true gentle-men.  We don’t need to fight and strive against those that disagree with us. Instead we should have that calm, self-assured strength that comes from being right, (righteous) not the cocky(my weakness) arrogant, self-righteous approach, because we know we are not self-righteous but instead made righteous by God.
I have been guilty more than once of falling into the defensive mode when discussing why I believe in God, even with family members. And invariably latter that day I’m kicking myself for losing my cool.  I get all tied up in “defending” the faith and MY position?  When what I should be focusing on is letting God use me to say what he wants said.
God does not need me to defend him, but He is gracious to allow me to be part of that conversation and helping to strengthen my faith.
What do you think?  Can we confront others without being confrontational?